3 things came up for me:

1) How long does it take your stomach to shrink if it’s used to having more food in it?

2) I keep hearing about gradual progress… having 5 drinks per week instead of unlimited, Tupperwaring more meals at home and eliminating fast food, etc etc… would it sometimes be healthier to get to your ideal weight in 6 months as opposed to 3 (maybe you’ve covered this)? And

3) I found out knowledge of a healthy body mass index to not be so constricting, because it was a range of 50 lbs. that I needed to be in, and I could do it. Or, I should say, it was good to know the consequences of not staying in that range. Plus if I think I have a little bit of a belly, but the scale tells me otherwise, I know I’m probably making things up in my head. But this is what works for me. My main thing is FEELING healthy, scale or no scale.

Camper, bicyclist, creative, bookstore manager, teacher, activist and halcyon world traveler with Political Science, Spanish and Masters in Teaching degrees.

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